Sunday, 10 April 2011

Murupara 3

Sunday, 10th April, 2011
Te Ra Tapu – the ‘sacred’ day.  We went to church today.  This village has 4 churches, and each church had about 4 cars in the car park, unlike the pub, which had about 30 cars in that car park tonight! I want to go to each church service, but Papa says it would be disrespectful.  It must be like Religious Pokemon- where the winner gets the most Maori souls.  I didn’t even ask if we could go to the pub…
Last night we cooked a huge tub of food – it was a pig and then we threw in the vegetables and boiled it till the pork cried and then served it up today.  We got lots of bread from bakers Delight.  I thought no one would eat this - for want of a better name - stew, but it was a big hit.  We only had one little bowl left over.  We will do it again on Wednesday but I am thinking to make a beef curry and rice.  We had hangi pudding!  Donna M wanted to know what it was, and Papa said I should mail it to her, but then he said I’d be arrested for terrorism – cheeky eh- like as if my cooking is a weapon of mass destruction.  Papa is exhausted tonight, and I am thinking of ways to get him into bed – rolling might be my best bet.
The neighbours were very friendly tonight.  The music continues – you know how the bass makes your fillings vibrate – it’s like that.  Unfortunately, the smell of yandi was really strong – poor little kids eh. Papa saved some food for their breakfast tomorrow.
I hung with some of the community aunties today.  They still can’t believe I am here on a Fellowship.  They asked how much money I got, and then were growling me for not working hard enough, and taking the government money.  It was kinda cute- it reminded me of how my grandmother would talk to me eh.  I asked them what would it look like, for me to be hard working enough to satisfy honour.  Apparently, it would look like I was sweating, and talking to a lot of people, and talking all day and talking every day, and wearing make-up so’s everyone would know I was working.  Howzat! 
Tommorow is house cleaning day.  I get to try  out my vacuum cleaner. I don’t have to do the lawns, as someone mows the lawns as part of their community service for assault. How lucky is that for me - unlucky for some I guess... No worries!

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