Sunday, 15 May 2011

Murupara 8

Well, it is the end of another week.  We had Ananeia and Aroha around for dinner.  He is Papa’s nephew – and one year younger than our son. I asked Papa to get him a card for his birthday- so he got him a postcard – I mean, really.  They had a great time, and Ananeia said it was his first birthday without alcohol, so we were happy with that.  The last thing this village needs is more alcohol.
Tomorrow I am meeting with the probation officer that looks after Murupara and this area.  I am not sure what she wants to see me about, but we’ll see, eh.
We went to Church today – there were 20 people there – so cute.  But it was so lovely to hang around other women – I realise I am a left-over  mission Aboriginal woman who likes the company of other  women.  The lady holding the sisters’ class was asking how she thought we could serve the community more and i realised what a load these good women must bear.  It is fairly typical of Indigenous communities though – the women are the backbone given the loss of mana for many of our men.

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