Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Back to Murupara 2

Well, hopefully the weather has calmed down – we have had gale force winds over the past few days.  The roads have been damaged and it takes an extra hour to get into town.  We have the grannies cos their father is in hospital.  These houses in the village have stood up really well to the winds.  I know that some damage was done a bit further north, but our house has had none, other than the usual leaky bits. It was a bit scary though, to be honest.  It is lucky we came back when we did, otherwise we would not have got back over the river in the next valley over as it is flooded.  The bridge is one of those one-lane bridges and is a tad underwater.
There is no internet or mobile phone service today or yesterday.  The phones are also not working, so we think the storm caused some damage to those systems.  I just bought a mobile broadband sticky thing on Tuesday and it worked for one hour, then kaputsky.  Bummer eh. That makes life difficult – I dunno when our lives became so ruled by instant communication, but there you have it I guess.  I can’t imagine working like this even a few decades ago – pre-computer and internet days.  I hand wrote my undergraduate assignments – I should put that on a t shirt and see how many I can sell. 
I am hoping I can use the library tomorrow.  I am hoping it will be ok to do that.  Who thought living the Urewere’s would be so challenging!

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