Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Rotorua-lost count!

A tornado in Auckland- strike me roan! So today I got into trouble.  There are so many cultural rules here and I either talk too much, not enough, or stand here, put my hat on/off wrong.  So I am full of wrong today.  I reckon people use humour for so many reasons, but today I am sure it is as a defense mechansism. It is a tool for post-colonial people. 

I went to the parole officer.  He wants me to supervise a couple of the younger fellas here, so I agreed.  If they can't get supervision, then they get 'breached', and have to go to jail, so that's stink eh.  I am getting some art-work done by one young fella.  It will be very helpful, as I can teach him to make little journey stones that I can use as koha for the students i will be talking to here.  So it is meaningful for the worker.  His counsellor said that so many of the younger men on community service hours do not do well, as it is insulting to their mana, but i am convinced artwork will be ok.  At least it is not 'make-work', eh.

The hardly-anything car had hardly any wipers today - so that was exciting to drive through the mountains trying to see anything in the rain.  We managed to get another set of wipers, and one of the back yard mechanics fixed them.  Lucky for us!

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