Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Murupara 5

It’s been a tense day today.  I remain confused about access to resources and the reaction by some locals.  I am wondering if people look at me, judge me pakeha and see only the white backpack of priviledge.  And using that lens to view me,  feel resentment.  I hear my voice in my head (settle Catherine!) scream – but I have worked 2 jobs, and studied hard, had one 5 day holiday in my life, support extended family, deny myself so much – we don’t even own a house – because we support so many people.  Surely that buys me treatment as part of an in-group?  Is this what whitefellas feel when they visit my home community?  And it is hard to have these conversations without sounding like a spoiled brat or sooky la-la.
Our son is not travelling well.  We are concerned.

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