Thursday, 14 April 2011

Mururpara 6

Well, I have been here one week.  Only ((4x4)+2)-1 weeks to go.  I am not as productive as I thought I’d be here- the culture is different, everything is different and I am feeling stressed.  I am going to a women’s meeting tonight though, and I expect to feel a bit better after that.
We did the walk around the town today.  Visited the people in the shops etc and introduced myself to people.  Everyone is so welcoming.  I don’t know how these people afford to live here, especially as there is no employment within 50 kms, and so people are on benefits.  A packet of grated cheese here is $12.00 – a big difference from the $5.00 in Queanbeayn – even allowing for the exchange rate.  Hard, eh.
Papa has cooked the meal for tonight.  I am not sure who is going to eat it – I know my son, poodle and I wouldn’t.  It smells like gym sox.  He asked me to stir it, but I haven’t got a gas mask.  He is packing it up to take out for the hui though, and I think we are ignoring the elephant in the room that is ‘whoonearthwouldputTHATintheirmouthitstinkslikegymsox!!!” Still, I could be wrong! I was making my ab fab Hawaiian spinach soup (it’s not got anything Hawaiian in it, I just learned to cook it when I was in Hawaii!), but Papa said no one would eat it.  I am really finding it hard to believe they are gunna eat his pseudo-stew.  I am sure you will all be awaiting tomorrow’s blog with baited (sic) breath.
Remember that great car we got for hardly anything?  Well, perhaps one of the reasons for it being hardly anything is because it has hardly any brakes, so we have to get some tomorrow.  Another couple of hundred dollars that could have been put towards tomorrow’s pseudo-stew.
I reckon I am gunna lose a gazillion kilos whilst I am here!

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