Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Ruatoki 1

Rua Kenana- you gotta look him up on YouTube- i bet you will be singing that song all day.  I have had a hard travelling day today and my leg is looking like something from the plains of the Serengeti, usually attached to something with a trunk.  The Tuhoe festival starts today so it is so exciting.  At the risk of offending every Maori who is not Tuhoe,Tuhoe are my favie tribal group.  They are very much like my Walpiri mob.
Do you what else - i was taling to my son and we deicided that people don't acknowlege each other very much.  He is a lot better - he doesn't read this anyway though....
News from home - Tim and Wuanita's curcus have left Belconnen and are going to Dubbo - sorry for those people who missed it - Wanita as a clown and her dogs are the funniest thing i ahve ever seen (certain peers exepted!0
I have to share this coputer now - Happy Easter to all!

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