Monday, 18 April 2011

Murupara 7

Pseudo-stew was a success – however, I suspect people just ate it to be kind to Papa, but I have no evidence to base that on.  Next week is the Ahurei.  That’s the Tuhoe festival.  Papa and I are the kaumatua for the WA group, even if we don’t know the name of that group.  Papa’s cousin’s daughter is the leader and she was the one who rang and asked us if we would go as their elders.  The ‘welcome’ is on Wednesday, as they fly in from Perth to Auckland at 5am, then are getting a bus to Ruatoki. It is so exciting! We wrote the whakawatea for them.  They know Papa really well, but they haven’t ever met me – so that’s gunna be funny eh!
There is some trouble in the village.  There are 3 schools in this area, and one of them had a camp.  However, the teachers had to cut short the camp because something had happened.  The police interviewed the kids re an incident of sexual abuse.  I hate men who abuse kids.  I really hate pakeha men who abuse Indigenous kids.  The police had to move him out of the village – most of the families are related, so the men would have not taken the abuse of their daughters so kindly, I am sure. 
The hardly anything car’s battery’s flat.  Gotta go recharge.

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