Monday, 30 May 2011

strike me roan!

I am sick of being sick.  I am sick and tired of being sick and tired.  If the Americans can build a space station, how come no one can stop my cough?  Did I say 'strike me roan', cos if I didn't, I meant to.
Nonetheless, the beat goes on!

I talked to my supervisor and big boss - they are happy with my work so far, and so that makes my happy.  If you ever get the chance to meet A/Prof Te Kahautu Maxwell, well, you need to grab it.  I am not sure, but I suspect he has ESP. 

Oh, and you really HAVE a bath in Rotorua- even if you are chicken like me and wear your clothes.  I wonder why it is so nice to float in a mineral spa - I could almost hear a koauau and was looking around for Hinemoa.  At least here, there are no jelly blubbers, sharks, poisonous fish - the only thing to worry about is eels, and they avoid the spa bath areas anyway. Oh, and Maoris who think it is funny to sneak up behind's so not!

Papa had to go and visit a young girl who was not well, so I went with him.  There were 3 teenage girls and so they had to sing for us- they were so cute.  They were really good too.  Natural born- the 3 of them. Check out my toy-boy- he's the one in the middle of this photos! This is the group from WA, and his can see where they get their good looks from eh!

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