Saturday, 4 June 2011

I'm a star!

Well, interesting thing happened today.  I was in the main street using the internet cafe (hey- why is it a called a cafe - the guy in charge wouldn't make me a hot chocolate!), and as I was waiting for the Maori with the hardly-anything car to pick me up, a group of Thai men exited a shop near me, and started taking photos of me.  I mean, I had no other choice - I posed with them, signed their cards that they had - smiled and waved at them as I drove off - but I will never know, who on earth they thought I was.  Ronnie said i was 'more than naughty' - but I felt like a superstar, deserving my 15 seconds of fame, so buggrit I reckon.  I can imagine them going home and telling people they yeah, got no idea who they thought they were meeting...I wonder if they'll be there tomorrow?

We visited Mum again today - it was the first time I have seen her looking sad.  It must be hard for proud independent Maori to have to be dependent on strangers, even if they are nice, caring nurse-type strangers.
Here is a photo...

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