Sunday, 24 July 2011

Men of the Ureweras!

Today was the end of the 2 day pig hunting competition in the Urewera mountains.  each hunter pays $25 to enter, but I am not sure what the prize was, besides the kudos or mana of being the chamion pug hunter for the year.  The prize is given to the biggest pig, pig with the biggest tuskers, I dunno - best looking pig, etc.  I have photos, but they are not for the squeamish- so don't look if you are tender-hearted, ok?
I didn't think I'd cope with a rows of dead captain cookers (the colloquial name for wild boar), but I guess I am becoming accultrated. case you think it is for men only - check this photo..
Lady pig hunters - and she got a couple so she will put it in the freezer for dinner later!
Oh - and lots of alcohol too - it was just that sort of day!

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