Sunday, 24 July 2011

Waikato University with A/Prof Te Kahautu Maxwell's students

Earlier this week, we went up to Hamilton.  I gave a 2 hour workshop to Te Kahautu's students on Aboriginal issues.  It is funny eh, to see other peoples' reactions to the stories of Aboriginal Australia. They thought some of my stories were horrendous, and so I stopped half way, as I didn't want to traumatise them eh? One of the students had died in a car accident on the weekend, so they were suffering already. 
I have only just realised I don't have a photo of me and Te Kahautu - and I really wanted one, because he has a moko - or tattooed face, and he looks so cool - well, you can always google image search him - he's pretty famous.  And he's single.  Just saying, in case anyone was, well, you know...

Here is a photo of us in the classroom - the uni is so well equiped! Wish I could remember what I was going about at the time - looks exciting...but probably not!

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  1. Hi Kerrie,

    Looks like you are having a great time. I did google Te Kahautu... but I am already married... just saying.

    Just wondering why you are teaching them Tai Chi?

    Love reading your blog