Tuesday, 19 July 2011

On the edge..

There are some really pretty places in NZ.  I can't get over all the running water around the place- you kinda get used to rivers running every now and then, but here they run all the time- the sounds are lovely.
You can't really tell from this picture, but we are really high up,  well, for a given value of 'high' I suppose.
Yesteray, Ronnie's grandniece was nearly kidnapped.  Apparently, her biological father found her, and tried to drag her out of the house.  She was screaming and kicking him, and her disabled grandfather tried to stop him, and he got beat up.  Luckily Whakaraka, her 10 year old 'brother' ran and got the neighbours, and they jumped the fence and started to beat up Baby's father, and finally the Police were called.  She was of course upset, and asked to come and live with us.  I would love to have her - her name means 'angel', and she really is.  She asked me if i would always be there for her, and I promised I would.  "But Nan, what if you are in Australia', she asked me, and I told her - 'I will catch a plane and be in 3 hours- and if you have been stolen I will look under every rock and behind every tree until I find you - I promise',  then she asked 'what if i take drugs - everyone in my family takes drugs - what will you do if I take them?  And I said 'I will always love you, no matter what you  do and no matter what happens, and I will come and find you and help you', so she seemed pretty happy with that.
She has just found me in the library - she once told me she loved sitting with me, cos I am 'safe' - i said, I think you  mean fat - but said - no, you're warm Nanny.  But I am a lot taller and bigger than almost everyone in this village, so perhaps she does feel safe with me.  I really wish I could take her back to Australia with me - that mongrel would never find her there.

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