Thursday, 14 July 2011

Patea Maori Club Rools, OK!

Maori New Year is called Matariki.  It is named after a star system you  might know as the Paleides.  I dunno - maybe you can see it better at this time of year.  Papa tells of his grandfather who used to use the stars to plant and harvest, so it is an important time.

So, every year, the National Museum hold the Matariki Taikurafestival.  Tikura is kapa haka for people over 55, and who  use the songs written before 1970.  It was the old Maori Queen's wish to see the older songs retained.

So, Papa and I went to Wellington with Tupito's group - the original Patea Maroi Club.  If youve seen the movie Boy, then you will recognise the song at the end as Poi E - well, that's their signature song.  It was the best fun.  Some of those Maori wimmin were more than a tad cheeky! I even ended up in the front row - I think they were surprised a wadjilla-looking person like me could sing those songs!  i mean - did you ever check out my hubby - he sings them in his sleep! (Actually, i reckon he's snoring, but he insists otherwise...)

Anyway - here is a picture of us - you can see I look  the size of an elephant, but honestly, these are little people!

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