Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Finally...internot becomes internet..

Well, I have internet tonight, after a month of storms and minimal access - I know you missed me (well, Hilda did!)

We have had a kaumatuta couple of weeks - kaumatua is Maori for 'elder'- the first thing we did was go to Palmerston North to stay with our friends, but Dawn was crook and so we stayed at a motel. BUT we joined Tupito's Wananga's team for the Kaumatua Olympics!

The local health service organised about 15 teams of elders and then had a day of funny competitions - balloon hockey, pass-the-marble, sit down volley ball - it was a hoot - and you know the All Blacks? Well, this was their grandparents, same competitiveness! Some of them dressed up as devils, some as angels, and they had the best time ever. Check out the photos of how serious the bean bag toss got! Say nothing about the scooter race - deadly as!

It was a bit sad for me though, cos I looked around and saw so many elders - when we have had similar events for my mob, there is half the numbers, from twice the distance - so these people are lucky to have living treasures.

Oh - the funniest thing - we were down country, so off Papa's country. He is Tuhoe. Everyone is scared of Tuhoe - they are the warrior tribe of warriors. (True-they told me that themselves!) SO, here is Papa playing hoopla in his 'I am Tuhoe' t-shirt, and the other kaumatua were a bit reluctant to play with him (i dunno why-there was no hangi pit around for him to chuck anyone in) - so Tupito gave him a t-shirt and asked him to change. I mean - check the photos - we were wearing the hats as our team 'uniform', so you can see how scary we all were!

We won though - and that's the main thing -right!

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